World’s Highest Paid Actress Makes Yearly Income Equal to 173 Hillary Clinton Speeches

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence / AP

Actress Jennifer Lawrence made $52 million in the last year before taxes, making her the highest paid actress in the world.

Forbes for the first time evaluated actresses worldwide to crown the global female leader of the entertainment industry. Lawrence, famous for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series as well as award-winning performances in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, netted the top spot.

Though Lawrence’s annual salary is quite substantial–1,847 times what the average American makes in a year–it amounts to the cost of just over 173 Hillary Clinton speeches.

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Though no longer delivering paid speeches as a Democratic presidential candidate, Clinton traditionally demanded $300,000 per speech from universities and other organizations, her remarks typically lasting about an hour.

Thus, just over 173 of Clinton’s speaking engagements would generate Lawrence’s yearly salary before taxes. If Clinton delivered her speeches back to back, that would amount to 173 straight hours of work, or just more than a week.

If she spaced the remarks out, delivering a speech per day, it would take Clinton 173 days of individual speech engagements to make Lawrence’s salary. That’s one hour of work each for less than half of the days in a year.

While Hillary Clinton has halted her paid speech engagements in lieu of a presidential run, her husband Bill Clinton continues to deliver remarks for money, which often net him half a million dollars each.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned $140 million since 2007, according to newly released tax returns.