Van Jones Getting New CNN Show in 2018

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In January 2018, CNN political commentator Van Jones will have a bimonthly one-hour prime-time program called "The Van Jones Show."

Per CNN's press release, the show will feature his "unique take on the forces that elected Donald Trump, the anti-Trump ‘resistance' movement and the future of both major parties."

The show will feature a live studio audience and cover policy debates and "culture wars." CNN seeks to build off Jones' "The Messy Truth" program, which aired throughout 2017.

"The show will build on Jones’ successful town halls throughout 2017, The Messy Truth, and will continue to speak directly to voters across the country by exploring the raw, emotional policy debates and culture wars taking place in America," CNN statement reads. "Jones will introduce viewers and a live studio audience to the fresh and charismatic voices on the front lines of political fights across the country."

Jones will also appear on a CNN original series that focuses on criminal justice system issues.

"In addition to The Van Jones Show, CNN has green lit the production of a new CNN Original Series in collaboration with Citizen Jones, a production company. Hosted by Van Jones, the series focuses on reconciliation, hope and redemption within the criminal justice system," CNN statement reads.

The future CNN host has made comments that enraged people across the political spectrum. He has said liberals are mad at "every single person who voted for Trump," and that President Trump should give Susan Rice the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Recently, Jones was a "special guest" at conference for the liberal big money group Democracy Alliance. He headlined a Thursday dinner on "going outside the bubble" and learning from Trump voters.

Conor Beck

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