The Nutty Professor

'The reality is' MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson is the king of cliché

"The reality is" this: MSNBC was made for a commentator like Professor Michael Eric Dyson.

His flattering of President Obama, sanctimonious disdain for conservatives, rhythmic cadence, "academic" status and great love for all things race-related have allowed him to be a regular guest on the liberal network and a fill-in host for The Ed Show.

Dyson actually wrote a recent column criticizing President Obama's approach to the racially charged situation in Ferguson, Mo. Lest anyone be concerned though, he assured MSNBC viewers that he "loved" the president in subsequent interviews on the subject. That didn't need to be stated.

He's called Attorney General Eric Holder the "Moses of our time," a truly weird statement if there ever was one, repeatedly accused Republicans of not accepting Obama as a president due to his race and gushed about Obama's oratorical genius and other unique talents.

"I ain't saying Obama is Jesus," he told Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday, "but for many of his followers he is."

Subtle he is not. After the Supreme Court voted last year to overturn a provision of the Voting Rights Act, an angry Dyson related black Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas' voting with the majority to treacherous Jews during World War II.

"A symbolic Jew has invited a metaphoric Hitler to commit holocaust and genocide upon his own people," he said.

On one of the final episodes of Martin Bashir before the host left MSNBC in 2013, Dyson again complained about race-related opposition to Obama, leading Daily Caller reporter Matt Lewis to accurately charge that Dyson couldn't go more than 10 minutes without injecting race into the discussion. Dyson exploded, accusing him of exercising "white privilege" and snapping at Lewis to be quiet.

Finally, there's Dyson's unique speaking style, which combines unnecessary 10-dollar words, left-wing conventional wisdom, and hilarious bombast into roundabout, meandering speeches about what "the reality is" that tend to say nothing but are pleasing to the ear.