Sarah Silverman Mistakes Construction Markers for ‘Attempt at Swastikas’

Comedian lashes out on Twitter

• February 13, 2017 10:45 am


Comedian Sarah Silverman became hysterical Sunday on Twitter after she mistakenly thought that orange construction markings were an "attempt at swastikas."

Silverman wrote that she was walking to get coffee when she came across the orange markings on a sidewalk. She appeared to think they were poorly made swastikas and asked if Neo-Nazis have access to google.

The photo that Silverman posted shows "fairly standard markers" that are used to help construction workers, Mediaite reported.

Several people then commented that the markings were not swastikas. One construction worker noted that they are meant to indicate the locations of underground wires, pipes, and related items.

This led to a storm of tweets mocking Silverman.

Silverman responded by saying that she made an "innocent mistake," indicating that her initial tweet was not a joke as some suspected. The comedian also made a Holocaust joke in her tweet, which had the orange construction markers and an actual swastika side-by-side.

She then sent a message to the "excited-to-pounce" people who thought she was a "dummy" for seeing swastikas when they were just markers for construction workers. The message contained explicit language and took a jab at President Trump and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, appearing to imply that they have incited anti-Semitism with their actions and rhetoric. Silverman mentioned the White House's statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which did not mention the six million Jews who the Nazis murdered while in power in Germany.

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