Police Dog Rewarded With Whipped Cream After Saving 12-Year-Old Girl

Good dog gets treat

police dog

Senior Corporal Susan Millard and her partner K9 Yoll / DPD Beat


A Dallas police dog is being hailed as a hero after finding a 12-year-old girl who'd run away from home.

The dog, named Yoll, worked with his human counterpart Senior Corporal Susan Millard to track the girl, the Dallas Morning News reported. The duo was called in to help after a suicide note was found in the young girl's room. She had apparently left the note and then climbed out her window.

Dallas police said Yoll then got the girl's scent and was able to track her movements.

"Senior Corporal Millard obtained one of the child’s socks and allowed K9 Yoll to check it, then started him by the bedroom window at about 8:45am," the DPD blog said. "Yoll was able to track the child’s scent from the house, through the neighborhood, into the brush by the creek, out to Kiest Blvd; back into the neighborhood, and over to a church at 2700 W. Kiest Blvd.

"At about 10:10 am, Senior Corporal Millard and K9 Yoll went in and out of the church buildings, and onto a parking lot when Senior Corporal Millard spotted the child who had walked into some brush at the edge of the parking lot. She called out to the child and the child stopped walking so that patrol officers were able to take custody of her."

After the girl was safely returned home Yoll was rewarded for his good work with a treat: a cup of whipped cream from Starbucks.

"A great job was done by K9 Yoll and his partner Senior Corporal Millard! K9 Yoll was awarded a Pupachino for his hard work…Way to go," the DPD blog said.


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