Olympic Skier Plans to Represent the U.S. People, Not Trump in South Korea

• December 7, 2017 1:49 pm


U.S. Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn said Thursday that she hopes to represent the "people of the United States" and not President Donald Trump during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The 33-year-old skier from Minnesota spoke during an interview with CNN about competing in the Olympics under a Trump presidency compared to competing while former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were in office.

"I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president," Vonn said.

The Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion first competed in the Olympics during the 2002 games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Vonn medaled in the 2010 games, winning gold in the downhill event and bronze in the Super-G.

"I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent–what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremonies," Vonn said.

"I want to represent our country well. I don't think there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that," she added.

Vonn also revealed she would join a growing list of professional athletes who have refused invitations to visit the White House.

"Would you accept an invitation to the White House if you were to win Olympic gold?" CNN’s Christina Macfarlane asked.

"Absolutely not," said Vonn. "No, but I have to win to be invited. No, actually, I think every U.S. team member is invited, so no, I won't go."

While training for the 2018 games after fracturing her humerus bone and being unable to compete in the 2014 Olympics, Vonn made news by submitting a proposal to the International Ski Federation that would allow her to race with men in any World Cup downhill during the 2018-19 season.

"It is important to try to push the glass ceiling," Vonn told reporters in November.

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