Obama Pets Creepy Robotic Giraffe

President Obama got up close and personal with a 17 foot tall, 2200 pound robotic giraffe named Russell Wednesday at the White House Maker Faire, an event aimed at bringing attention to student and entrepreneurial projects.

The Maker Faire is the most recent push by the White House to showcase the potential of the manufacturing sector in the United States.

Russell was hanging out with his owner and creator, Lindsay Lawlor, on the South Lawn of the White House when the president stumbled out to see what all the fuss was about.

Lawlor enthusiastically explained the various features of the mechanical giraffe, and even prodded the President to give him a tickle. President Obama, looking giddy, gave the gargantuan giraffe a tickle and a pat. "Hehe, that tickles," Russell cooed back.

The giraffe boasts horns made of silver glittery lava lamps, a British accent, and flashy eyes.

"So was the initial concept you were going to ride on this thing?" the president asked the mastermind behind the giraffe.

"Oh yes, it can carry up to 30 people," Lawlor responded.

Obama replied that sadly, his Secret Service team would most likely not permit him to ride the giraffe instead of the usual black sedan.

No word yet if Bo and Sunny are jealous of the President’s new animal companion.

360-degree view of Russell:

Full video via ABC News: