Former Obama Flack Opening DC Office For ‘Comedy Site’ ‘Funny or Die’


The evolution of Funny or Die from sporadically funny comedy site into weird Democratic Party propaganda machine continues.

The Wrap reports the website will open a Washington, D.C., bureau led by former White House Office of Public Engagement associate director Brad Jenkins, who will be in charge of creating "breakthrough content for millions of Americans disengaged from the political process."

That last part, of course, is code for producing "comedy" segments blasting conservative straw men that will no doubt be shared en masse by the same people who can't get enough of The Daily Show, which is Masterpiece Theater compared to this stuff. The Wrap interestingly did not note the site is unabashedly left-wing and consistently churns out videos promoting liberal agendas, such as this particularly stupid one of Billy Eichner and Olivia Wilde playing a game called "Obamacare or Shut Up." Watch and see if you crack a smile.

Now that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have decided making liberals feel good about themselves is more important than entertaining people, check out the hilarity the site has in store for us once it hits D.C.:

In addition to creating new content, under Jenkins’ direction, Funny or Die D.C. will also provide consulting services on social media, talent outreach, writing and branding strategies for a range of clients.

Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to Obama, said in a statement that Jenkins "served as a key link to creative executives, artists, advocacy leaders and more."

Funny or Die president of production Mike Farrah said that Jenkins was "the perfect person to lead our D.C. office because he understands how we work and how we can make a difference."

Nothing sounds more fun than a former Obama liaison linking advocacy leaders and creative executives to "make a difference."

Funny or Die's recent attempts at political humor include a painfully bad attempt to mock states with lax gun laws, the popular "Between Two Ferns" show giving President Obama a platform to sell, and any number of dynamite tweets about Ted Cruz, a Republican who must be stopped.

Where do they get this materal? I can't breathe. Don't forget these nausea-inducing remarks from "Between Two Ferns" producer Scott Aukerman when he was interviewed by about getting Obama to be on the show:

Did he pitch jokes?
I don’t think the president has to pitch jokes, he just says jokes and we enjoy them.