Finney Admits Clinton Has Not Seen Planned Parenthood Videos

Hillary Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney admitted to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Wednesday that Clinton had yet to view the graphic Planned Parenthood videos that have sparked outrage against the organization.

"I think that she said that she's seen images or pictures. but she hasn't seen the videos," Finney said.

Despite previously calling the videos "disturbing," Clinton has come out in full support of the largest provider of abortions in America. Finney largely ignored the MSNBC host’s other questions concerning the videos, which show officials discussing fetal tissue harvesting among other topics.

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Last week, White House spokesman Josh Earnest acknowledged he was "merely repeating" Planned Parenthood talking points during a press briefing because he had not seen the videos and did not know if President Obama had.

Roberts challenged Finney’s response as disingenuous, tying them to Earnest’s and noting people are having a "visceral reaction" to the videos.

"But you make yourself vulnerable and Hillary Clinton makes herself vulnerable, President Obama makes himself vulnerable, Josh Earnest makes himself vulnerable if you don’t look at these videos in full context, but then come out in defense of them," Roberts said.