Fashion Hate Crime: Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Defiles Oval Office With Outrageous Sneaker-Suit Combo

Couture aficionado Roger Stone sounds off: 'Sneakers are never acceptable with a suit'

May 17, 2023

What happened: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.), the House minority leader, disgraced the sanctity of the Oval Office by wearing sneakers and a suit to a meeting with President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

What they're saying: "Sneakers are never acceptable with a suit," renowned fashion expert Roger Stone told the Washington Free Beacon.

Menswear writer Derek Guy recently roasted soccer legend David Beckham for wearing sneakers with a suit. "This looks awful to me [because] your eyes are immediately drawn downward, taking attention away from the wearer," he wrote on Twitter in February. "Shoes become a gimmick."

It's not the only time Guy has expressed disdain for the sneaker-suit combo.

The so-called experts at GQ magazine have alleged that wearing sneakers with a suit is no big deal, but there is no reason to take them seriously.

Why it matters: Democrats tout themselves as a party religiously devoted to the respect and restoration of "norms," but they certainly don't act like it. The Oval Office used to be a hallowed space where dignified gentlemen wore suits and dress shoes to conduct the nation's affairs.

Jeffries flagrantly violated a cherished norm with his abominable fashion choice. He also appears to have allowed his hideously sneakered foot to make contact with the president's couch, violating one of the basic tenets of visitor etiquette.

Bottom line: Jeffries should be ashamed of himself. Even Kid Rock knows how to dress appropriately when visiting the White House.