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CNN BOMBSHELL: Danny Barefoot, Yes THE Danny Barefoot, Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Honestly, the other 2020 Democrats might as well pack it in

August 27, 2019

CNN Host on Gillibrand's Gun Control Platform: 'You Get It'

Gillibrand has called for universal background checks, gun buybacks

August 20, 2019

Gillibrand: Biden 'Full of BS' on Claiming to Support Working Mothers

Gillibrand confronted frontrunner at debate with 1981 op-ed about opposition to expanded child tax credit

August 1, 2019

Sanders Accuses CNN Host of Using Republican Talking Point Against Medicare for All

Sanders pledges 'overwhelming majority' of Americans will pay less for health care under Medicare for All

April 30, 2019

Dem Rep Supports Physical Barriers on the Recommendation of Border Security Experts

'Ban the word 'wall' in the dictionary and the world will be a much better place,' Katie Hill said.

February 5, 2019