The Fake News of CNN

November 28, 2016

Days after Donald Trump was elected to the White House, CNN launched a crusade against "fake news."

CNN has joined the New York Times in labeling fake news as a threat to the country. Washington Free Beacon reporter Bill McMorris wrote about how the Times exposed its readers to numerous fake news stories before the election. CNN followed the New York Times' lead and exposed its viewers to the same fake news.

For weeks leading up to the election, CNN anchors, reporters, and guests were on the airwaves telling viewers that it was almost impossible for Donald Trump to  win the election. Fareed Zakaria, who has been suspended by multiple media outlets for plagiarism, said on his own CNN show GPS, "Let's be clear, Donald Trump will lose the election."

CNN also reported on various other fake news stories, including the stock market would drop if Trump won the election, Clinton's non existent "blue wall," and the surge of latino voters in 2016.

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