ESPN Host Mocks Obama's Pitching Abilities: 'You Didn't Play Much Baseball, Did You?'

March 22, 2016

ESPN host Eduardo Perez burned President Obama while interviewing him at the baseball game between the Cuban national team and the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday, referencing Obama's infamously bad first pitches and asking, "You didn't play much baseball, did you?"

Obama's first pitches have not been the stuff of presidential legend.

"I've seen you throw out the first pitch. You didn't play much baseball, did you?" Perez asked.

"Eduardo, come on," co-anchor Karl Ravech said.

"You know what, now, can I just make a point? My dad wasn't a Hall-of-Famer," Obama said, referencing Perez's father Tony Perez. "You had a slight benefit in the whole pitching thing. I will say this, and I've talked to President Bush about this ... We do a lot of tough stuff as president, and by definition, you don't end up being president if you don't handle stress well.

"Nothing is more stressful than throwing out a first pitch, because they just hand you the ball, and I don't care if you've been practicing ahead of time ... I have not grounded it, I just want to point out."

The Washington Free Beacon has done extensive analysis on Obama's poor pitching form, particularly in contrast to President George W. Bush, who was fantastic at it.

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