Chris Kyle's Widow Outshoots NRA World Shooting Champion

Shootoff raised money for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Chris and Taya Kyle / Facebook
Chris and Taya Kyle / Facebook
December 8, 2015

Taya Kyle won a charity shooting competition with the winner of the National Rifle Association's 2015 World Shooting Championship on Saturday.

The shoot-off doubled as a fundraising event for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and raised $1 million for the charity, Fox News reports. The money was put up by TrackingPoint, the company whose smart scope gave Taya Kyle the advantage she needed to beat professional shooter Bruce Piatt. The company set up the charity event as a way of proving its computerized scopes could turn a novice shooter into an expert marksman.

Taya, the widow of American Sniper author Chris Kyle and founder of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, managed to complete all 29 targets without a single miss. Piatt, using traditional sights, hit 58.4 percent of his shots.

"The technology of the gun was developed based on conversations with Chris [Kyle] about what factors a marksman has to consider on with every shot," Taya Kyle told the news outlet of TrackingPoint. "The end result is technology that I know would have saved lives of friends we have lost and will save life and/or limb of those who put it all on the line for the 99 percent of us they choose to give their life for."

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping military families acclimate to life after deployment. Its goal is to help other veterans better deal with the kinds of issues the Kyles faced after his deployments. They use interactive experiences to help family members reconnect after time apart.

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