'Afghanistan's Bruce Lee' Becomes Internet Hit

December 11, 2014

20-year-old Afghanistan native Abbas Alizada became an Internet sensation Tuesday after a video showcasing his martial arts skills and striking resemblance to the late Bruce Lee surfaced on his Facebook page.

Alizada, who has adopted the pseudonym 'Bruce Hazara,' says he wants to be a "champion" in his home country and "a Hollywood star."

"I want to be Afghan Bruce Lee in the future, not only in Afghanistan but a symbol of Bruce Lee in the world," Alizada said.

Alizada said he learned nunchuks and martial arts techniques by watching Bruce Lee's action films. He even bears an uncanny similarity to the Chinese film legend:

Bruce Hazara / Facebook
Bruce Hazara / Facebook
Bruce Lee / Facebook
Bruce Lee / Facebook

Alizada's teacher, Ali Qahar, said he is reaching out to the Afghan national Olympic committee for financial assistance.

"If we receive assistance from Afghan committee and donors I promise to make Abbas a unique star in the world," Qahar said.

Despite the recent spike in Alizada's exposure, the up-and-coming "Afghan Bruce Lee" says he is still a "hidden talent."

"Nobody has supported me as of yet in Afghanistan, my talent is hidden," Alizada said. "Neither the government nor anybody else supports me in my sport careers, I do my best using my own resources to become a champion for my country in the future."