REVIEW: Yale Daily Editorial on Ukraine

VERDICT: For the love of God, shut the f— up you illiterate nerds

March 16, 2022

The Yale Daily News editorial board finally weighed in on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thank God!

In a cerebral editorial published Monday, the board expressed support for the Yale administration's response to the crisis, including university president Peter Salovey's condemnation of Russia's actions, as well as his efforts to organize an "online vigil for peace," which doesn't sound stupid at all.

Nevertheless, the board scolded university leaders for not being "similarly vocal about previous global crises that have impacted its community members," such as China's genocide of Uyghur Muslims. (Fair enough.) The board also cited the 2021 conflict in East Jerusalem, or rather the Israeli actions that "sparked a wave of violence against civilians."

"Sparked a wave." Nice writing, nerds.

Should we care what the Yale Daily News—comprised of the demographic (young libs) most likely to abandon their country in the face of Russian aggression—thinks about Ukraine? No, we should not. Everyone knows that. What this editorial presupposes is: Maybe we should? (We should not.)

"From the safe viewing distance of Twitter news feeds and The New York Times' morning headlines, many of us are merely spectators," the board writes, poorly. "However, Yale, as one of the world's leading liberal arts universities and with a student body it lauds as representing over 120 countries, has a particular responsibility to speak out against injustices."

Blah, blah, blah. We get it, you go to Yale—"an institution known around the world, and one that has pledged itself to liberalism and humanity for the past 300 years." Alas, the editorial's poor grammar and use of mixed metaphors do not reflect well on Hunter Biden's alma mater.

"We are members of a planet that is larger than the scope of our daily gripes about test curves or classes," the board asserts, intellectually. "The world is only as strong as the bonds of our community."

Counterpoint: No one cares. For the love of God, shut the f— up.

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