While Hillary Clinton Refuses to Answer Questions About the Clinton Foundation's Foreign Donors, Bill Clinton Hobnobs with Saudi Royalty in Morocco

May 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s determination to ignore the press has led major media outlets to publish the hypothetical questions they "would have asked [her] if we had the opportunity." Despite the mountain of troubling revelations concerning the Clinton Foundation’s relationships with foreign governments and shady oligarchs, Hillary’s only substantive response has been to dismiss them as "distractions and attacks."

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton was in Morocco last week for a Clinton Global Initiative conference funded by a government-owned phosphate conglomerate. According to a Politico report, a portion of the event took place at a "lavish palm-tree-lined golf resort with a cocktail reception featuring Moroccan hors d’oeuvres and a saxophonist serenading about 50 donors, non-profit leaders and dignitaries including Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal."

The Washington Post adds that guests were later "chauffeured across the city to an opulent 56-room palace that boasts a private collection of Arabian horses, overlooks the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and serves a fine-dining menu of "biolight" cuisine." It was here that Clinton chatted up the Saudi Prince, with whom he is apparently on a first-name basis. "I’ll see you tonight, Turki," Clinton reportedly told his royal highness.

It was during the panel session at the Moroccan summit that Clinton was asked by telecom billionaire Mo Ibrahim why the Clinton Foundation hasn’t pushed back harder against allegations by answering simple questions like "What is this money for?" and "What have you done with it?"

"I just work here," Clinton said. "I don’t know."