Three Best Bars From R. Kelly’s ‘My Story’

• July 30, 2013 5:15 pm


The other day American troubadour R. Kelly dropped the lead single from his twelfth solo album, "Black Panties."

"My Story" recalls a Kells in his prime, back when he made a career of crooning absurdities. And because it’s 2013, Kells called 2 Chainz for the guest spot.

Here are some choice bars from R-dots latest, with translation:

1) Models roll my indo, I beat the (expletive), Django

Translation: Robert Kelly has models pack his weed and is rather aggressive in his love making.



2) She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus

Translation: In Kells’s second movie reference, the artist is astonished by his beloved's aptitude at magic.



3) Drop her ass at the "Chocolate Factory" (yeah), we did them "12 Play" (yeah)

And you know who you is girl – we been (expletive) since the 12th grade, goddamn

2 Chainz walks us through Kell’s decorated discography, including his two biggest commercial smashes, 2003’s "Chocolate Factory" and 1993’s "12 Play." And though I appreciate Chainz’s reference to Kells’s longevity, the reference to minors is probably not what Kells wanted to hear.

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