This Young Child Is Terrified by the Thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

Failed candidate already struggling to court youth vote

Hillary Clinton’s decision to run for a president again—after failing the first time—is not sitting well with at least one American child.

Two-year-old Zeke Celello burst into tears after watching Hillary’s controversial announcement video. His mother captured his agony on video and posted it to YouTube.

Colello rejected the aura of entitlement surrounding Clinton’s candidacy, and lamented her efforts to scare off potential competitors. "I wanted to run for president [instead of Hillary]," he said in between sobs.

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The kiddo also demolished a central premise of Hillary’s campaign—that her advanced age (67) makes her uniquely qualified to be president. "Yes," Colello insisted when asked if he was ready to be president. His rationale for running, however, was not that much different from Hillary’s: "Yes [everyone should vote for me] because I want to run for president."