The Real Putin Stooges

Now the media wants 'unity' two years after their failed disinformation campaign goes up in flames

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March 25, 2019

The results are in. After more than two years of fever dream hysteria that the duly elected president of the United States is a Putin stooge (who always had a funny way of showing it), shockingly, the mainstream media conspiracy theory turned out to have no basis in fact. But guess what? It's still somehow Trump's fault.

Yes, President Trump could really learn a lesson on "national unity" from the mainstream press, the experts who have done more to "sow discord" in the United States than Putin's wildest dreams.

Let's have the media start a conversation on "national unity" after taking its talking points from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, which bought and paid for slanderous lies and disinformation from Russian sources, which were then passed through a revolving door of liberal hacks in the media to liberal hacks in the Justice Department of the party in power, which were then used to spy on associates of the campaign of the party out of power.

But it's never been about getting to the truth. It's been about getting Trump. It's been about overturning the results of an election the Democrats and their allies in the media got so disastrously got wrong.

The Washington Post was floating impeachment on literally day one. So why stop now? Never mind if there is no crime to investigate.

The crusade to get Trump was well under way on January 20, 2017, when Barack Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice, a known arbiter of truth, sent an email to herself, assuring that Obama, James Comey, and Sally Yates, held a meeting before Trump was inaugurated regarding Russian interference, and the then-Democratic president stressed the investigation by the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department would be handled "by the book."

Well, "by the book" didn't work, and even Mueller's band of Democrats who worked for the Clinton Foundation and attended Hillary Clinton's election night wake, with unlimited resources, couldn't find any collusion.

But the damage is done. Associates swept up in the investigation faced with crippling legal fees to defend themselves, and scores of indictments for process crimes and real crimes that had nothing to do with collusion. Would Paul Manafort be in prison if Trump had lost? How is the investigation into the Podesta Group going? Odd that the FBI wasn't giving immunity deals out to Trump associates like candy.

No, the FBI didn't offer to destroy Roger Stone's computer, the ones that weren't already destroyed with hammers. He was greeted with an M4.

Will there be any accountability for the main actors in this failed legal coup, the lamest "secret society" band of left-wing hacks at the highest levels of the FBI who vowed to stop Donald Trump, but failed disastrously?

Will there be any retribution? Will the media own up to its role in spreading Russian disinformation, 533,074 articles (and counting) later?

Sadly, we already know the answer.

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