The Bagram Batman

The Bagram Batman
• April 23, 2013 10:25 am


Government PSAs have had a string of bad PR recently. Having the IRS rain your tax dollars on some whack Star Trek parody can be pretty infuriating. So much so that Captain Kirk himself set his phasers on max to vaporize that joke of a video. Better stay with just taking our money, IRS.

And DMV, if you're considering using tax dollars to make a Flintstones parody for internal YouTube consumption on the importance of using safety belts, at least make it well.

Leave it to the U.S. Army to finally get a YouTube PSA right. Their Bagram Batman series is stunning in its concepts and execution.

Dressing up a staff sergeant in a Batman cowl and having him educate soldiers in weapons etiquette is what the YouTube medium is for. It brings rare levity to the harsh Afghan terrain. It's good to see our soldiers in high spirits. Most critically, T-Swift has distracted many a soldier. Leave it to Bagram Batman to shore up any slack.

Glad to see our country's military doing its best to adapt to austerity. Peep the rest of the adventures of the Bagram Batman here.

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