Saints Cheerleaders Cover 22

It Feels Like One Of Those Nights
• June 18, 2013 5:30 pm


Over the weekend the New Orleans Saints cheerleading team, the Saintsations, released their cover of T-Swizzle’s smash hit "22." It’s an appropriate cover since a quarter of the Saints' cheerleading roster is, in fact, 22 years old, and #22 on the Saints' football roster is Heisman winner Mark Ingram. This clip deserves a deep dive.

If hipsters dressed like this, more people would like them.

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Having a burger for breakfast, that’s just a side-effect of drunkorexia.


Typically one kisses strangers in a dark bar, but I suppose a swamp schooner will also suffice.


Hipster Drew Brees uses glitter.


Being 22 in Louisiana entails four-wheeling in mud.


I hope that this was filmed in the Saints’ team film room AND that Sean Payton caught those fish on the wall.


Why not dance with crabs?


It feels like one of those nights—to do air splits.


Just because.


The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders also covered "22." And though it had higher production values, there weren't enough albino crocodiles for me.

Either way, both of these videos are better than T-Swift's Diet Coke Ad.