Rogen and Franco to Target Nork Boy-King in Next Film

You're on notice, Boy-King (WENN)
• June 26, 2013 2:33 pm


Obama called on America’s mightiest heroes when he sent Seal Team Six to eliminate the menace of Osama Bin Laden. We're sending a slightly less lethal squad to subdue the growing threat from the Hermit Kingdom: Seth Rogen and James Franco.

It’s unclear at this stage of the development process if Obama himself is requesting Franco and Rogen to escort Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to the gates of Hell. What is known is that the duo's next project, The Interview, will see them pose as journalists sent to assassinate the Nork Leader.

Rogen and co-creator Evan Goldberg shared a few details with E!:

"It’s about two journalists that try to assassinate the president of North Korea while interviewing him," Rogen told us at last night’s premiere of his new movie This Is the End.

"It’s Kim Jong-un," Rogen dished. "Literally King Jong-un in the movie. We figured it’s North Korea, you might as well make it Kim Jong-un."

"James and Seth play reporters who get an interview with the dictator of North Korea and the CIA asks them to kill him," Rogen’s Interview producer pal Evan Goldberg added. "They’re going to play a–holes."

Will the filmmakers get pointers from Dennis Rodman, who recently traveled to the sealed-off nation? Are Rogen and Goldberg clued in to information that John Kerry isn't? Will Team America stand ready to provide backup if the mission goes south? Inquiring minds want to know!

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