YOU DIDN'T WRITE THAT: Barack Obama Wants Everyone to Know His New Memoir Will Be More Authentic Than Michelle's

May 23, 2019

Barack Obama, the fifth-greatest living president, is so popular among Democrats that his verbally challenged running mate, Joe Biden, is dominating the crowded field of Democratic primary candidates.

Obama has stayed relatively off-grid since leaving the White House, as he focuses on being a producer for Netflix. He's also writing another memoir, his third, which is due to be published sometime next year, or potentially in 2021. Both projects netted him multimillion-dollar contracts. Sorry, Hillary.

The Atlantic has provided a preview of sorts, which includes a number of interesting details about the forthcoming book and Obama's writing process. It's going to be a brick, for starters. The memoir will reportedly cover a time period beginning with Obama's keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, all the way through his two terms in office. He's struggling to keep it under 1,000 pages.

According to people close to President Obama, the actual writing "has been going more slowly than he'd expected," even during the month he spent on Marlon Brando's private island in French Polynesia. Obama is also reportedly eager to outshine his wife, Michelle, whose own memoir Becoming, published in 2018, is on track to be the best-selling memoir in history. The former president has even been bragging to friends, like a goddamned hipster, that his memoir will be more authentic because he's writing it all by himself.

Congrats on the epic wife burn, bro.