Mr. Lochte Goes to Washington

• April 29, 2013 9:41 am


In last week’s episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, America was introduced to the concepts of being "turnt up" and the "Lochteturage." The season-long theme of the family-orientated champion Olympian searching for his soul mate continued.

In this week’s episode America learned that, as much as Ryan might pursue Sophia, his heart truly belongs to his mother Ike. This week mom and son took a few days to visit the nation's capital for a Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy charity event.

After a day of sightseeing on the National Mall and tutoring Ike on the proper pronunciation of "Jeah!," Ryan and his mother drop by Local 16 for drinks. At Local, though, even world champions fall into the same snares as countless D.C. bros:

For all of the H8 directed at him, and as much as he might suffer from an acute case of arrested development, it's plain from his appearance at the charity event that Ryan has his heart out for the young children suffering from duchenne.

It's refreshing to watch a 6’2, 190-lb. elite swimmer who embodies the concept of the id hang out with his mom and together comfort kids. Yes, #WWRLD is a vanity project, but it's clear from the show that Ryan wants to tell us all how awesome his life is, as opposed to using the time on E! to hawk a branded vodka.

So when Ryan surprises Ike with a brand new car when they return to Gainseville, it’s not because he gives away cars. That's what Oprah does.

And it's not because he has an endorsement deal with Kia. It's because he wants to do something nice for his mom.

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