These 2019 Headlines Are Just ‘Mad Libs’ for Mad Libs

[Verb] those [adjective] libs!

It's not unusual these days to experience a sense of déjà vu when browsing the latest headlines on social media. The stories are the same, just with different words plugged in almost at random. It's as if our nation's journalists are gradually working their way through a giant book of Mad Libs (2019 Edition). For example:

1. (Old and revered American institution) is actually (something bad) because of (word ending in "ism")

2. The (leadership title) of (prominent advocacy group) was fired for resisting (something woke)  

3. (Someone you don't like) and other (group of people you don't like) defend (name of celebrity) after he/she was attacked on (social media website) for wearing (historic American symbol) (item of clothing)

4. (Big tech firm) to unveil (token appeal to inclusivity) 

5. (Ratings-obsessed cable network) slammed for inviting (irrelevant yet controversial figure) to discuss (explosive, Trump-related topic)