18 Ridiculously Old Celebs Who Are Still Younger Than Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden has officially entered the 2020 Democratic primary, and has already secured a number of key endorsements from #resistance heavyweights such as celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti.

At 76 years old, Biden would become one of the oldest leaders in world history if elected. The former veep's age could certainly become a factor in the primary campaign, as it is often cited in the context of his creepy "tactile" tendencies. It could also elicit questions about Biden's fitness for office, especially if he is unable to walk without assistance.

How old is Joe Biden, exactly? The following list should help answer this question, and to provide some valuable context. The celebrities mentioned below are all ridiculously old, but are still younger than Joe Biden. Enjoy!

Meat Loaf (71)

OJ Simpson (71)

Hillary Clinton (71)

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump (72)

Elton John (72)

Cher (72)

Iggy Pop (72)

Jimmy Buffett (72)

Liza Minnelli (73)

Helen Mirren (73)

Dolly Parton (73)

Vince McMahon (73)

Rod Stewart (74)

Sam Elliott (74)

Jerry Springer (75)

Mick Jagger / Keith Richards (75)

Christopher Walken (76)

Just Missed The Cut

Judge Judy (One Month Older)

Paul McCartney (Five Months Older)

The Iron Sheik (Eight Months Older)

Creed Bratton (Nine Months Older)

Bernie Sanders (14 Months Older)