Hillary Clinton Is Lucille Bluth, Explained

Hillary Clinton (left) and Lucille Bluth.
• April 16, 2015 12:35 pm


Hillary Clinton’s road trip to Real America has been entertaining to watch. Her adventures trying to interact with "everyday" common folk on the campaign trail has reminded us of another out-of-touch dynastic matriarch: Lucille Bluth. The similarities are uncanny:

  • The Bluth family, like the Clinton family, was under investigation for shady dealings with foreign governments.
  • Lucille, like Hillary, was the true mastermind behind all of the schemes.
  • They’re both grandparents, and both have son-in-laws who aren’t very good at their jobs.
  • Lucille had Gene Parmesan at her disposal to investigate her enemies, while Hillary has Sidney Blumenthal and his mysterious private intelligence network.
  • Both Lucille (alcohol) and Hillary (money) suffer from addiction.
  • Both are terrified by the thought of losing their wealth, so accustomed are they to the trappings of elite social and financial status.
  • Their husbands have been known to cry in front of prostitutes.

Hillary's reactions in certain situations are eerily similar to Lucille's, as you'll see definitively from these GIFs.

That time a plucky upstart spoiled her coronation in 2008

on fire set myself

Her rationale for running in 2016

leave when i'm ready

When an aide suggested reaching out to the "everyday American"

don't know who that is

The next time she sees Bill de Blasio

son of a bitch

When Chelsea calls…

get a job

When someone calls her "rich and out of touch"


How she talks about Joe Biden in polite company

little dullard

How she really feels…

care for joe

To be fair, he was constantly inviting himself to State Department briefings

biden meeting

When the Chipotle employee asked if she wanted a side of guacamole

ten dollars

Later that day, when the Sizzler waitress offered her the "endless salad bar"

don't understand

Her first encounter with an Iowa truck driver

winking disgusted

Attending a black-tie fundraiser with "wealthy" donors in flyover country

drink order

Then laughing about it back at her Brooklyn campaign headquarters

isn't it fun to talk

The time Trey Gowdy asked for her State Department emails

get a warrant

When David Brock shows up unannounced

brock door

She's not a fan of Bill's fashion choices

like a lizard

The time she saw Monica Lewinsky on the street


When a public university invited her to give a speech pro bono

won't hear it

When her campaign manager suggested flying coach

eye roll 2

When her Wall Street friends ask her about all this "inequality" nonsense


Lucille Bluth would never vote for Hillary, but she can sympathize with the struggle


The struggle is real

hillary gif