Free Beacon ‘Holiday’ Gift Guide: #Resistance Edition

President Trump was right when he said that even "haters and losers" deserve warm wishes during the holiday season. That doesn't mean you have to start saying "Happy Holidays" like some bearded hipster freak, but it wouldn't be a crime to acknowledge that even the #Resistance members and perpetually triggered snowflakes in your life deserve a Free Beacon guide catered to their deviant interests. Enjoy!

1) Turn heads with this tote bag! ($19.95)

2) Make out with your girlfriend under this epic poster! ($9.70)

3) Show your Rethuglican uncle who's the REAL Scrooge in this dank tank! ($25.70)


4) Get your 5th graders interested in politics with this "edgy" mouse pad! ($10.95)

5) Get your family members talking about Hitler with this cerebral take on the Trump era! ($7.47)

6) Piece your family together for a fun group activity with this awesome gift! ($20.00)

7) Tickle their funny bone with this provocative tee! ($31.25)

8) Start a conversation with these form-fitting leggings! ($59.95)

9) Drink a cup of kindness from this enchanting water bottle! ($23.20)

10) Get on your knees for justice with these seductive prayer candles! ($22.99)

11) Stay warm and prepare to get "nuked" with compliments in this long sleeve tee! ($30.60)

12) Let the world know you're STILL READY with this "charming" mug ($18.95)

13) Pick up babes on the subway with this eye-catching phone case! ($36.85)

14) Send a message with this pun-tastic tote! ($30.40)

15) Own the cons with logic while wearing this shirt! ($18.99)

16) Remember when she said kneeling during the national anthem was "stupid"? LOL! ($18.95)

17) Start 'em young in this cute AF onesie! ($24.65)

18) Turn every act of nature into an act of #resistance with this special gift! ($9.95)

19) Don't forget your Jewish friends! ($24.99)

20) A perfect stocking stuffing for daughters and granddaughters! ($5.72)

21) Win the future with this 2020 campaign swag! ($3.35)

22) Teach your kids to read and #resist with this acclaimed children's book! ($12.34)

23) Show "El Trumpo" who's boss with this clever keychain! ($3.95)

24) You'll be a "star" in this trucker hat! ($15.80)

25) He'll miss his deadline once he sees you in this! ($14.95)