Dear Koch Brothers: Give the Gift of Machine Guns

Rent out Machine Gun America instead of Universal Studios

• January 23, 2015 5:17 pm


The Koch Brothers rented out Orlando's Universal Studios in 2013 for their army of activists to enjoy. Those in attendance loved it. Some liberals lost their minds over it.

It was a huge success all around.

Now, the Koch Brothers need to kick it up a notch. Instead of renting out an Orlando attraction filled with roller coasters, do something a little more intense: rent out an Orlando attraction filled with machine guns.

As I observed during my trip to Machine Gun America, which is situated in the shadow of Disney World, the facility is designed from the ground up for conference attendees and shooting novices.

It has one-on-one instruction with a NRA certified range master for everyone who enters the firing area. It utilizes 8-inch-thick concrete walls lined with steel plates, a double door system only unlockable by range safety officers for entering the live fire area, and the latest bullet trap technology designed specifically for a high rate of fire.

And, oh yeah, MACHINE GUNS. Lots of them.

People who visit Machine Gun America end up leaving with a smile. "It was awesome," Ron Goodenow, who was there for his birthday, said. "This is incredible."

Naturally, some liberals have lost their minds over it.

Lucia Kay McBath, a member of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, told WTSP she disapproved of Machine Gun America because Orlando was "Holy Land." Thankfully, most gun control advocates are armed with little more than irrational fear and a remarkable disregard for factual accuracy, weapons unlikely to win many battles.

It's hard to imagine the kind of fallout that would result from the Koch Brothers renting out a machine gun range in the heart of Disney Country, but I for one would love to observe that spectacle.

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