Poll: Most Americans Don't Think Biden Would Make It Through a Second Term

President Joe Biden / Getty Images
May 23, 2023

A majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden would not make it to the end of a second term, according to a Harvard Caps/Harris poll conducted last week.

The poll, which queried more than 2,000 registered voters, found 61 percent of Americans believe Vice President Kamala Harris would take over for the 80-year-old Biden at some point in a second term. Respondents were also highly skeptical of Biden's health, with 57 percent expressing doubts about his mental fitness and 67 percent saying he's shown he's too old to be president.

Republicans were most doubtful of Biden's odds of completing a second term, with 82 percent saying he wouldn't make it, compared with 35 percent of Democrats.

The poll comes as Americans increasingly report being concerned about Biden's health. The president has the lowest support from within his own party for a reelection bid of any president in recent history, the Washington Post reported last month. The Post interviewed Democrats who said the president's frequent gaffes and physical stumbles have given them doubts about his ability to handle a second term.

Biden received increased scrutiny over his age last month, when it was revealed that during his first run for Senate in 1972 he criticized his 63-year-old opponent for being too old.

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