Lincoln Project Calls Biden's Job on the Economy 'Enormously Successful.' Americans Disagree.

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July 25, 2022

Anti-Republican super PAC the Lincoln Project congratulated President Joe Biden for creating "one of the strongest economies in American history" even as the nation approaches its second consecutive quarter of negative growth in gross domestic product. 

Biden has had an "enormously successful first 18 months in office," the Lincoln Project claimed on Monday in a rosy assessment of the president's performance that's at odds with the majority of Americans who blame Biden for record inflation.

"President Biden is a decent human being who exhibits the qualities we should cherish in a President: he’s a strong leader with clear moral standards and empathizes with Americans for the challenges they face every day," Lincoln Project cofounder Reed Galen said. "President Biden shows what American greatness looks like."

The Lincoln Project cited job growth, wage increases, and historically low unemployment as proof of Biden’s success. But nearly a million-and-a-half Americans could lose their jobs next year, according to a report last month from the Federal Reserve. Around two-thirds of Americans say Biden is either "responsible" or "very responsible" for inflation, polling shows. 

Formed in 2019 to oppose former president Donald Trump, the Lincoln Project is known for spending millions of dollars to oppose Republicans such as Gov. Glenn Youngkin (Va.) while achieving little electoral success. The anti-Republican organization gained notoriety last year after it was revealed that founding member John Weaver sent suggestive messages to dozens of young men and at least one 14-year-old child.

The White House last week redefined the term "recession," which is commonly understood as two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP, ahead of a Thursday GDP report that will likely reveal the economy shrunk for the second quarter in a row. The White House said a recession is determined through "a holistic look at the data," leading critics to accuse the Biden administration of covering its tracks so it won’t have to call the economic crisis a recession.