First Son Hunter Biden Ramps Up Legal Attacks on Critics

Hunter Biden
(Getty Images)
April 24, 2023

Hunter Biden’s legal team is going on the offensive after a week of damaging revelations about the federal investigation into the troubled first son.

Biden’s legal team is calling on the Treasury Department to investigate a leak of his bank records that show alleged payments to Russian prostitutes and millions of dollars in suspicious foreign bank wires. They are also seeking an ethics review of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R., Ga.) for her "attacks" on the Biden family.

Hunter Biden’s latest attack on critics comes amid renewed scrutiny of a federal investigation into his taxes. Last week, Hunter Biden lawyer Chris Clark accused an IRS whistleblower of breaking the law by offering to provide Congress with information about the Justice Department’s investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax dealings. The IRS agent claims the Biden Justice Department has gone easy on Hunter for political reasons. The agent has already filed complaints with the Treasury Department inspector general and Justice Department inspector general, his lawyers said.

Abbe Lowell, another Biden lawyer, alleges in a letter to the Treasury Department inspector general that J.P. Morgan, where Hunter Biden banked, illegally leaked "suspicious activity reports" to a group that has investigated the first family’s business dealings. The reports show that J.P. Morgan flagged as suspicious more than $2.4 million in foreign wire transfers to Biden and his business partners and other payments that Biden made to an escort service linked to Russia. The bank said the reports were filed because Biden is a "politically exposed person" accused of "possible political corruption."

Lowell also urged the House Ethics Committee to investigate Greene for "unmoored verbal abuses and ad hominem attacks" against Hunter Biden, citing the GOP firebrand’s social media posts about his client’s predilection for prostitutes.

In March, Hunter Biden called on the Justice Department to investigate the handling of his infamous laptop, which reveals details about his business deals and struggles with drug addiction. Biden accused Trump allies and a computer shop owner who worked on the laptop of violating his privacy by providing his emails to reporters.

In the latest letter, Lowell calls on the Treasury Department inspector general to investigate Garrett Ziegler, whose nonprofit group has published the contents of Biden’s emails and five J.P. Morgan suspicious activity reports. Lowell alleges that Ziegler engaged in an illegal conspiracy with a J.P. Morgan banker to release Biden’s bank records.

"Just another bait and switch attempt by Hunter Biden," said Ziegler’s nonprofit, Marco Polo. The organization said the Bidens are "try[ing] to imprison us" for publishing information damaging to the first family.

Lowell also attacked a former Hunter Biden associate who has released evidence that President Joe Biden was aware of his son’s Chinese business dealings. Lowell asserted that Tony Bobulinski has "become an antagonist to the Biden family" and has engaged in "political warfare against the President."

Bobulinski worked with Hunter Biden on a deal with CEFC China Energy. He has released text messages showing that he met with Hunter and Joe Biden in 2017 to discuss the Chinese deal. That contradicts the president’s claim that he had nothing to do with his son’s business activities.