Decline of the West: NATO's Next Leader Is Cycling Dutch Boy

This would never happen on Trump's watch

(Twitter/Dutch Cycling Embassy)
June 21, 2024

What's happening: Mark Rutte, the outgoing prime minister of the Netherlands, is on track to become the next secretary general of NATO.

  • The Netherlands is an obscure country in northern Europe where Rutte has served as prime minister since 2010. It is best known as a haven for drugs, prostitutes, and filthy cyclists.
  • NATO is a U.S.-backed military alliance intended to deter Russian aggression and promote Western values abroad.

Why it matters: Rutte wears glasses. Even worse, he is an avid cyclist. He's always riding his little bicycle around some crumbling European town. Sometimes he does this while eating an apple, or wearing a fancy scarf, or carrying a man purse on his handlebars. He is the epitome of Western decadence in the post-Cold War era.

What they're saying: "It is the night of the living dead once again at a Western institution," writes Ralph Schoellhammer in UnHerd. "Just as in Eighties horror movies the monster seemingly dies only to reappear after the credits, so it seems that the mediocre European politicians of yesteryear pop up again and again."

Bottom line: America and Europe's enemies are never going to take us seriously if we keep elevating such weakling dorks to leadership roles. This would never happen on Donald Trump 's watch.

A better choice: Sanna Marin, former prime minister of Finland.