WATCH: Biden Goes 40 Seconds Without Blinking, Raising Health Concerns

A normal human being blinks once every three to four seconds

President Joe Biden turns 80 in November. He recently tested positive for COVID-19, a virus that is disproportionately fatal among individuals over the age of 65. He has already outlived the average life expectancy for American men (75.1) by several years. For these reasons and many others, amateur health experts were alarmed after analyzing video of Biden's recent address to black law enforcement executives on Monday.

At one point in the video, for example, Biden appeared to speak for at least 40 seconds without blinking his eyes. That's unnatural, and raises a number of troubling questions about the president's fitness to hold office. According to Smithsonian magazine, normal human beings blink once every three to four seconds on average. What, exactly, is wrong with our president? And what else is he hiding?

A Washington Free Beacon analysis of Biden's weird eyeballs was unable to figure out what the hell is going on. We will continue to investigate.

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