Justin Price

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Supports New Sanctions on Russia

Economic pressure needed to stabilize country

Pavlo KlimkinUkrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said new sanctions against Russia were needed to stabilize the crisis in Ukraine during a Tuesday speech, shortly ahead of the announcement of new sanctions by President Barack Obama.

Paul Ryan Proposes Major Reforms to Safety Net Programs

Reforms would give states more authority in assigning funds

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) proposed major reform to federal safety net programs at the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday. Republican House Budget Committee members also released on Thursday Expanding Opportunity in America, a draft of a hefty report detailing the proposal's intricacies.

Bill de Blasio’s Potential Conflict of Interest

Nonprofit headed by former aides receives donation from teachers union as contract negotiations occur

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s contract negotiations with a teachers union in May have been criticized for a potential conflict of interest.

Dems Pushing for Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization

Conservatives have criticized bank as cronyism

Dennis HeckDemocratic lawmakers are becoming increasingly vocal in calling for the reauthorization of the Export Import Bank of the United States prior to its expiration three months from Tuesday.

Rubio Offers Reform for America

Highlights conservative vision to aid middle class

Marco RubioSen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) remarked on the importance of making effective policy choices for the 21st century during a speech in Washington on Wednesday.

Cuba Crackdown

Human rights advocates see increased threats against press in Cuba

A recent wave of governmental threats and attacks on Cuban journalists has led to heightened concern among human rights and press freedom advocates.