Emma-Jo Morris

Iran Deal Could Kill Traditional Nuclear Policy

U.S. policing role will recede; NGO influence to increase

Bowing to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capability will make it harder to enforce America’s longstanding policy of non-proliferation among enemies and allies alike, according to several foreign policy experts speaking at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Overthrow Of Egyptian Government

Population incited to ‘strive for the complete elimination of the criminal and murderous regime’

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood chant slogans against the Egyptian court ruling of the death sentence for ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi over a mass prison break during the country's 2011 uprising, while holding a protest in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, June 16A document released in late May by pro-Muslim Brotherhood clerics incited the Egyptian population to “strive for the complete elimination” of their current government, according to a new report.

Amid Criticism, Katzman Defends Israeli Defense Force

“Behind every Israeli soldier there is a human being, a human being that has to go out and defend his country”

As the Israel Defense Force continues to be misrepresented on the international stage, Capt. Matan Katzman spoke out to the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament in the face of criticism from Break the Silence, a group serving to expose supposed “wrongdoings” by the Israeli army.

Power: This Time We Mean It

‘Our red lines are red’

Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power told Congress that the Obama administration is committed to enforcing a red line on Iran’s nuclear ambition.

Clapper Acknowledges Omissions on Iran Threat

Intelligence communities still regard Tehran as top terrorist sponsor

A senior administration official acknowledged to Senate Republicans that its 2015 intelligence threat assessment failed to provide the full scope of Iran’s state sponsored terrorism.