Douglas Burton

Putin Tests the West

Kremlin watchers: Russian poisonings, election meddling require harsh response

Vladimir Putin An uptick in tense U.S.-Russia relations saw Moscow expel 60 diplomats from Russia Thursday as retaliation for the United States ordering the removal of 60 Russian officials Monday.

Iraqi Forces to Focus on Liberating Tal Afar

Iraqi PM to declare complete control of Old Mosul within 72 hours

In the coming days, Iraqi counterterrorism forces are expected to assault the remaining ISIS stronghold in Tal Afar—roughly 40 miles west of Mosul—according to the commander of Iraq's Joint Military Operations, Lieutenant General Abdel Amir Rashid Yarallah, who spoke to Iraqi media July 4.

ISIS Launches Counterattack After Syrian Regime Regains Control of Aleppo

Islamic State terrorists recapture oil fields in central Syria, city of Palmyra (Updated)

AleppoAleppo, Syria’s largest and wealthiest city fell back under the control of the Syrian regime Tuesday amid reports that the Syrian soldiers murdered as many as 82 civilians during Tuesday’s clearing of buildings in east Aleppo. Meanwhile, in a dramatic setback to the Syrian regime, the Islamic State terrorist group recaptured the oil field in central Syria and the city of Palmyra on Sunday.