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A group of children walk past rubbles and remains of a house following a Boko Haram attack

Nigerians Head for the Polls as Religious Freedom Activists Call for U.S. Special Envoy

ISIS-affiliate Boko Haram continues to terrorize the country

February 15, 2019
Vladimir Putin

Putin Tests the West

Kremlin watchers: Russian poisonings, election meddling require harsh response

March 31, 2018

Iraqi Forces to Focus on Liberating Tal Afar

Iraqi PM to declare complete control of Old Mosul within 72 hours

July 5, 2017
Iraqi soldiers walk down a street in Mosul's western Al-Shifa district on June 15

ISIS Continues to Lose Ground in Mosul

ISIS controls just 3 percent of West Mosul

June 16, 2017
Iraqis stand outside the rubble of their homes in the Shuhada neighbourhood of west Mosul

Mosul Liberation Quickens Amid Rumors ISIS Leader Has Left Town

Military observers now predict recapture of west Mosul in weeks

March 9, 2017
Iraq Mosul

Losing Ground, ISIS Terrorists in Mosul Coerce Population With Death Threats

Coalition planning 'third stage' of Mosul liberation process

February 7, 2017
Iraq Mosul

Troop Surge, Increased Coordination Helped Coalition Conquer East Mosul

Shift in strategy kills more than half of ISIS combatants in the area

February 1, 2017

Former Turkish Counter-Terror Head: Security Purges Led to Ambassador Assassination

After failed coup, Erdogan replaced tens of thousands of police, judges, prosecutors, military officers

December 22, 2016

ISIS Launches Counterattack After Syrian Regime Regains Control of Aleppo

Islamic State terrorists recapture oil fields in central Syria, city of Palmyra (Updated)

December 14, 2016
Mideast Iraq Mosul

ISIS Massacres Hundreds as Iraqi Army Battles in Downtown Mosul

Suicide bombers, IEDs, mass graves confront advancing government troops

November 15, 2016