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Douglas Burton is a former U.S. State Department official in Kirkuk, Iraq, and writes news and commentary from Washington, D.C. queries to

Tribal Fighters Recruited Around Mosul to Fight ISIS

Top Kurdish commander killed near northern Iraqi city

May 30, 2016
ISIS suicide bombings

Horrific Murders, Suicide Bombings as ISIS Loses Ground in Iraq

ISIS attempts to gain media attention after defeats on the battlefield

May 20, 2016

Battles Across Iraq Call Into Question U.S. Strategy

Trench warfare on northern front little changed since 2014 (Updated)

May 16, 2016
Kurdish tanks / Courtesy of Turkmen Rescue Foundation

Kurds Clash With Iran-Backed Militia in Northeast Iraq

U.S. observers see battle as continuation in turf battle between Tehran and Coalition forces

April 27, 2016
Iraqi security forces fire at ISIS militants positions from villages south of Mosul /

Mosul Campaign Hampered by Fear of Iraq’s Shia Army

Military observers say there is no sign of offensive to retake the city

April 7, 2016

U.S. Volunteers Aid Kurdish Fighters in Iraq

American Kurdish community, veterans join to fight ISIS

February 22, 2016
Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga Control Sinjar After Driving Out ISIL With U.S. Airstrikes

American Volunteer Fighters in Campaign to Retake Mosul

Kurds, Arabs, Iraqi government forces prepare for major campaign against ISIS

February 9, 2016