Moths to the Flame

Review: 'Fyre Fraud' and 'FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened'

It would be fun if streaming services provided any useful data about their viewership. Then, we'd be able to declare an official winner between the dueling documentaries about the ill-fated Fyre Festival. But the producers of Fyre Fraud (Hulu) and FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (Netflix) probably don't care—both movies are receiving plenty of attention. So let me just cut to the chase: The Netflix one is better.

Finding the Essence of Art

Review: Constantin Brancusi Sculptures at the Museum of Modern Art

Watching two people argue about art is like watching two people try to ice-skate uphill. It happens often at the New York Museum of Modern Art, where visitors can tend to bring friends whose interest in abstract art is weakened by seeing abstract art. The MOMA has reignited debates about aesthetics and art with its Constantin Brancusi Sculptures exhibit, which arranges 11 sculptures that have never before been exhibited together. Brancusi (1876-1957) knew his abstract sculptures and those of his friends—Marcel DuChamp was one of them—would not always be welcomed by critics, but he couldn't have known that his work would also lead the United States to reconsider what its law constituted as "art."

Willie Brown Admits He Boosted Kamala Harris’s Career

Influential California Democrat had extramarital relationship with Harris in 1990s

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown broke his silence on his relationship with Democratic senator Kamala Harris on Saturday, admitting in his weekly column that he used his powerful post to boost her young career when they dated. Brown, who was openly in an extramarital relationship with Harris when he was speaker of the California State Assembly and running for mayor, had avoided commenting on his relationship with Harris since she announced her run for president a week ago. Harris has also managed to avoid addressing the role Brown played in the early stages of her political career.

Mutiny, Sedition, and Treachery

Review: 'The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington' by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch

There's a curious moment in the Republic where Socrates mentions purple eyes. Purple is the most beautiful color, Plato has the young men agree. And eyes are the most beautiful part of the body. So why, Socrates asks, do we not use purple to paint the eyes of statues?