Myths, True and Otherwise

Review: '12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos' by Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is fast emerging as something like the C.S. Lewis of our time. More than half a century on, he seeks to answer many of the same questions with like pastoral care, and his influence and audience, while not now as general as Lewis's was in 1947 when he appeared on the cover of Time, is strikingly similar—people frightened by the events and cultural shifts of their time.

Pro-Life Groups Target ‘Extreme’ Red State Dems

Campaigns launched against Democrats who voted against 20-Week Ban

One of the country's largest pro-life groups has launched a campaign targeting Red State Democratic senators who helped kill legislation that would have cut down late term abortions.

Influence Made Visible

Review: 'Ten Americans: After Paul Klee' at the Phillips Collection

On a television show I was watching the other night, a teacher described a puzzling conversation she had with her student. "He asked me if I saw the color blue the same way he did," she said.

A Companion Through Grief

Review: 'The Friend,' by Sigrid Nunez

Suppose you wanted to meditate a little about grief. And maybe weigh up what the act of writing is really for: The impulse of authors, the result for readers. Suppose, for that matter, you also wanted to do some serious thinking about human nature and noodle about the nature of friendship.