Rachel Frommer

Rider University to Amend Bill Targeting Hate Speech

Students concerned bill would be used to silence conservative voices

Rider UniversityThe Rider University Student Government Association intends to amend a bill targeting hate speech, after students expressed concern that it could be wielded to silence conservative voices.

Harvard to ‘Blacklist’ Single-Gender Social Groups

The Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted this week to include in the student handbook penalties for membership in single-gender social groups, leading freedom of speech and association advocates to slam the university for instituting a "blacklist."

SFSU President Apologies for Failing Jewish Students

Civil rights suit alleges school fosters an environment of 'institutionalized anti-Semitism'

San Francisco State UniversityThe president of San Francisco State University issued a public apology last week for failing Jewish students, in the face of a civil rights lawsuit alleging the school has long fostered an environment of "institutionalized anti-Semitism."