A Case for UBI: Combating the Robot Workforce

What if we just . . . gave people money? That’s the solution to poverty, at once simple and revolutionary, a variety of thinkers across the political spectrum have offered in recent years. Specifically, they posit a “Universal Basic Income,” or UBI: A set amount of cash that every individual in society would receive each month, no questions asked.

Union Demands Ousted Former President Pull Ad Supporting Right to Work

One of Missouri’s largest public-sector unions is demanding its former president pull an ad supporting right to work.

Retired St. Louis Police sergeant Gary Wiegert urged voters to support Proposition A, which would ban employers from mandating union membership dues or fees as a condition of employment. Wiegert, the former head of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, criticized “out of touch union officials” for “lying to you about Prop A.”

Sacred Politics

Cuius regio, eius religio. “Whose realm, his religion.”

With this 1555 declaration, and on behalf of his brother Charles V—by the grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor, forever August, King of Germany, King of Italy, King of all Spains, etc.—Ferdinand, King of the Romans, delayed a conflict that threatened to tear the continent apart. The Treaty of Augsburg offered the martialing princes of the Holy Roman Empire a settlement: Within their domains they would dictate religious life. Whether Catholic or Augustana confessing Lutheran, rulers and subjects would be united by faith and sword. But they would tolerate their neighbors. Later, in 1648, as the Peace of Westphalia brought over a century of European religious wars to a kind of close, this arrangement grew and spread and lay the foundations of modern religious pluralism.