Patrick Rothfuss’s World

At least since Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, nostalgia for a plausible fantastic universe has been a major component of the fantasy genre’s appeal. Finishing a fantasy novel causes a subtle feeling of loss, as access to the novel’s world is curtailed, abruptly, with the turn of the final page. Fantasy writers strive to engender this feeling in their readers, to leave them with the desire to re-enter (and repurchase entry) into the universes writers create. Completing volumes of Patrick Rothfuss’ bestselling Kingkiller Chronicles leaves one with the absence of such nostalgia, but the series nonetheless provides immense entertainment.

Congresswoman Gabbard: ‘There Was No Plan after Plan’ for Libya

The Middle East is a mess right now, in part because of actions by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. The United States has closed embassies in Somalia, Syria, and Lybia, and could be shutting down the embassy in Yemen. When President Obama and Secretary Clinton issued orders to send tomahawk missiles to Libya to help take out Gadafi, there was …