Naked bikini model's Super Bowl ad dubbed 'too hot for TV'

• January 24, 2015 7:36 am


Model Charlotte McKinney is the star of a new Carl's Jr. ad that is scheduled to air during the Super Bowl, but the ad could be banned from airing in regions across the country because McKinney is simply too hot.

The Washington Free Beacon, a staunchly anti-censorship publication, has decided that shielding America's eyes from McKinney, who has been hailed, by the Free Beacon, as the "next Kate Upton," would be a terrible mistake.

Unlike most Carl's Jr. ads, McKinney is not being used solely to feature a sexy woman eating one of their juicy burgers. Her "au naturel" body is rather being used to promote the new "All-Natural" burger.

Here's the ad:

"I love going all natural," says McKinney. "It just makes me feel better. Nothing between me and my one hundred per cent all natural juicy grass-fed beef."

McKinney describes herself as a "curvier bombshell with big boobs," and the world needs to know her.

So here she is:

Pleased to make your acquaintance.