White House: ‘We Weren’t Surprised’ Yemen Allies Fell to Iran Backed Rebels

Iran-backed rebels have taken over control of Yemen, ousting the U.S. allied government and leaving a lot of uncertainty in the area. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough took to the airwaves to defend what President Obama has already done and what the White House plans to do.

When McDonough was asked if the government had collapsed he said, "We weren't surprised that this government collapsed. We knew that this was an ongoing challenge over the course of the last several months."

McDonough's comment is puzzling given that the administration made no mention of their worry that our allies could be thrown from power.

The government in Yemen has been close allies in fighting the war on terror. Their ouster by Iran-backed rebels leaves a large question as to how the United States will continue to stop the spread of extremism in the region.

McDonough defended that the Obama administration's stance on counterterrorism in Yemen and pushed to maintain good intelligence in the area.