‘Her’ Review

Ray Kurzweil, in The Age of Spiritual Machines, wrote that the creation of artificial intelligence would usher in mankind’s glorious next chapter. James Barrat, in Our Final Invention, countered that the creation of artificial intelligence will more than likely lead to our speedy and ignominious demise. Spike Jonze, in Her, suggests that nothing will change and AI is just going to leave us, like everyone else we’ve ever loved.

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Tea Partier in Your Life

President Barack Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing for Action, has received plenty of attention for politicizing the holidays by encouraging people to talk to their “crazy” Obamacare-hating uncles during Thanksgiving and hoping you cozy up next to “Pajama boy” this Christmas for some hot cocoa to “get talking” about health insurance.

In case you haven’t gotten your crazy Tea Party uncle a gift yet for Christmas, here are 10 last-minute ideas.