Obama’s Network

The first family has been selective in its cameo appearances, reserving its star-power for networks owned by major supporters. Barack Obama will be gracing cable TV screens Saturday night when he introduces the movie of the week—To Kill a Mockingbird—on USA Network. Gregory Peck’s family, as well as several cast members, will join Obama for the prime time introduction for the film’s 50th anniversary.

Cash Money Millionaires

Dani Gilbert, a DNC Jewish liaison who is the daughter of fundraisers Mark and Nancy, caused a stir in the political world this week when the Free Beacon reported that she was pictured on Facebook in a series of provocative photos with friends, holding dollar bills and referring to themselves as “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash money team.” Gilbert’s parents are prominent Florida-based Democratic fundraisers, securing at least $500,000 for team Obama, according to Politico.