Sequester’s Defense Cuts Threaten Virginia Jobs

Citizens of Newport News welcome president to town


With President Barack Obama set to visit Newport News, Va., Tuesday, Bankrupting America, a project of the budget watchdog group Public Notice, has released a video welcoming him to town.

Should the massive defense cuts included in the looming sequester go into effect, the economy in southeast Virginia will be especially hard hit as the top employers in Newport News include the Department of Defense and contractors such as Northr0p Grumman.

Public Notice suggests the government offset the looming defense cuts with a reduction in overall federal spending equal to three cents on every dollar spent.

Executive director of Public Notice Gretchen Hamel released the following statement accompanying the video:

"If Washington believes the sequester will be as damaging as they say, they should listen to the people in Newport News and cut three cents on the dollar to make sure it doesn't happen. Americans look at Washington and see nothing but waste and dysfunction."