Corker-Menendez Goes to Floor Over Opposition from WH, Lobby Groups

Bob Corker

A bill that would allow Congress to vote down sanctions relief for Iran based on a review of a final nuclear deal unanimously passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, despite heavy lobbying up to the last minute by senior Obama administration officials and allied advocacy groups.

The Time Hillary Clinton Fired a Hardworking American After Spying on His Phone Calls

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton once abruptly fired a hardworking, middle class member of the White House staff who earned less in a year than she earns in 10 minutes of speaking at a public university.

According to a new book based on interviews with current and former White House staffers, former usher Chris Emery lost his job—and his $50,000 annual salary—during the Clinton administration because the First Lady was “not comfortable with him.”

Two Suits Challenge FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the FCC / AP

Two lawsuits were filed this week challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, under which internet service providers will be regulated in the same manner as traditional telephone companies, which were adopted last month amid criticism of their feasibility and the circumstances surrounding their adoption.